I took a premature Summer Friday to enjoy the nice weather with Jj & Toro.  We wanted to enjoy lunch in the garden, so went to Radish to pick up some food.

Radish’s salads are creative and always look amazing.  I decided to try their signature salad of… radishes! It also has some green peppers, mangoes, & black sesame.  It was crunchy & refreshing – perfect for the first spring-like day.

Their mac & cheese rocks my world! On Friday, apart from the classic 4 cheese, they had a special with poblanos, mushrooms, & a homemade potato chip crust.  It’s very creamy & had plenty of mushrooms.  I would’ve liked a lil more poblano but it was still DELICIOUS!

Jj got the parmesan broccoli salad with almonds & golden raisins. The dressing is sort of like a caesar dressing but creamier.  I tried a bite & loved it but think it may have been too heavy to have an entire serving to myself.

He also had the jerk chicken sandwich which was great in terms of flavor but I found the bread too hard/chewy.  I wouldn’t let that stop you though; I know this sounds lame but the roof of my mouth is pretty sensitive… His “lunchbox” included a homemade soda (or cookie), as well.  They have various homemade syrups to choose from which they then mix with their in-house fizzy water.  He chose lemongrass with a splash of cranberry – it was so refreshing it may be my summer go-to!

Moral of the story: Radish is delicious, unique, and refreshing!