Brooklyn Kitchen has a knife skills class I’ve been dying to take for months.  I wanted it for my birthday, then for Christmas, but its always sold out! Randomly, in January, I got an email from them – random because its the only one I’ve ever gotten though obviously I’m on the mailing list.  Maybe fortuitous is a more appropriate word? Anyway, the email kindly told me that their new class schedule was being posted.  I immediately went on their website & signed myself up for Knife Skills!!

Finally, on the coldest darkest windiest day of February its time for my Knife Skills class.  Its BYOK (Bring Your Own Knife) and seeing as I didn’t want to be carrying around a knife from home with me all day, I picked one up at Jj’s to take with me.  Honestly, I was a little embarrassed to show up with this flimsy light rookie knife but I had no choice.  The Chef eyed it and handed me one of his knives as he rather pitifully said “why don’t you try this one?” Ok!

It was one of those “AH!” moments.  Not like I haven’t used good knives before.  Felipe is definitely picky/knowledgeable when it comes to kitchen appliances, so I have good stuff when cooking at home.  But this was a revelation! German 10″ steel chef’s knife with… wait for it… Chef Brendan engraved on it!!! That’s the kicker.  Forget what I learned in that class (how not to chop off my fingers), I want need that knife!!

So I get home (3 hours later) & Jj asks me how class was and I respond “OMG! Amazing, the Chef had like 10 knives! All with his name engraved on the side!”

Jj: “So did you learn anything?”

Me: “Yea, yea of course. It was great.  But this knife was beautiful! A heavy sturdy steel chef’s knife… It would be a really thoughtful bday or xmas present with Chef Jen engraved on it! OMG I want one so badly!”

Jj: “Uhh… its not that thoughtful if you’re specifying all the requirements.”

Me: “It is! it is!”

So I’ve been debating whether its worth waiting til the fall when gift giving season starts or if I should get myself one… And in the meantime I spend a lot of time doing research about the best chef’s knives.

This past weekend was the CSA sign-up at Bk Kitchen. I couldn’t go because I had brunch, so Jj went alone and came back with – you guessed it – a German 10″ inch steal chef’s knife!!! We still need to get it engraved but he wanted to make sure I liked it first.  YAY!!! Thank you, bf!! See, it is a thoughtful gift!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of visual aid but I’ve already wasted too much time googling “chef brendan mcdermott” “engraved chef’s knives” “the brooklyn kitchen knife skills” etc etc… so you’ll have to wait ’til mine’s engraved & I’ll post a pic.