I don’t think Sara Bareilles is that popular, though her song “Love Song” seems to have done well – in 2007…  She just released this video for her new single “Uncharted” and its full of famous faces! So clearly she’s more popular (in the HS sense of the word) than I thought.

Ben Folds, Josh Groban – which would be my fav cameo if it wasn’t for… Pharell! Who knew this chick is friends with Pharell?! That funny lil guy that’s posted a million vids of himself lipsynching songs on YouTube – if you don’t know who I’m talking about google Keenan Cahill & 50 Cent NOW.  Maroon 5, Tegan & Sara, Vanessa Carlton, Guster people, and a million others that I can’t remember right now are in it.

It’s fun! You should watch: