On that extremely windy Friday about 2 wks ago, we again attempted to go to Glasslands.  As usually happens to me on bk Fridays after playing Rock Band & the boys wanting to go out at 1 am, I’m exhausted (maybe drunk?) and ready for BED.  Alas, I always get suckered into going out… And again, as always we did not get in to Glasslands (line too long, too cold, tix are overpriced, etc). So we ended up at Zebulon, which ended up being so fun!

They always have live music & that night’s band was Crooks, from Austin! We were with Austin too so we all chuckled a bit… They were great! I was falling asleep, as previously mentioned, but their energetic show got me swaying around/”dancing”.  The lead singer is a crazy looking cowboy but has a nice voice & plays acoustic guitar.  There was a cello (instead of bass), and another musician played the ukulele, banjo, electric guitar, and trumpet!! Not all at the same time… different songs used different instruments though in at least one he was multi-tasking.  They are sort of country but I really liked them.

Judge for yourself:

And if you’re going to SXSW, check them out!