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This remix/mashup/whatever is genius!! Not just musically, but the video is amazing too! Minus the random Kelly Rowland walking to the camera clip; it just doesn’t fit in at all.  Speaking of Kelly Rowland, stay tuned past the “credits” because he mashes the When Love Takes Over underwater bit with Madonna’s Liquid Love… what did I say? GENIUS!


And if this video gets taken off before I notice, google: Robin Skouteris Lady Gaga v Madonna v David Guetta because you have to watch it.


After a miserable attempt at attending “The World’s Largest Bake Sale” at Grand Central, I was so happy to go home to a “surprise” cookie!!

Jj worked from home yesterday & asked my opinion on where he should go to lunch.

“Saltie, duh! And that way you can get a cookie to surprise me with when I get home from stats!”

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My own private buffet!

Schnitzel & things’ eggplant schnitzel, austrian potato salad, & chickpea salad. Ergo the “stomach ease” tea I’m currently drinking.

Update (3/31): (bc I couldn’t elaborate on Tues when I was crazy busy).  This was my 2nd time at Schnitzel & things and I was a little disappointed.  Mostly because of the potato salad… I was obsessed the first time I had it and couldn’t get enough.  I’m not sure why but this time the salad was quite different and not as good.  I was also unhappy to realize my plate was basically brown and I much prefer to eat colorful things.  Not their fault, I could’ve chosen different sides.  Also, I recommend splitting this, it’ll be good for your belt AND wallet.

Love Friendly Fires & loving their new song!!  They’re always fun and danceable without being too cluby/Euro-trashy.  Not to say I don’t enjoy Euro-trash club songs as well!

And some sparkles to brighten up my Thursday!

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I haven’t been to Blue Bottle in about 2 weeks! Which is rare, because it’s my weekend treat. I didn’t go this weekend because I went to Five Leaves – twice!! I like their coffee almost as much so I don’t bother going to Blue Bottle as well.

But I’m going through major withdrawal! Since Jj had to leave early & we didn’t go to work together, I thought I’d start off my day with some Blue Bottle treats!

Cappuccino & Buckwheat biscuit.

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Last week I got some bad, though not unexpected, news.  And as I’m won’t to do, I went in search of a cookie to comfort me. I decided to finally pay for a Treats Truck creation (they always have samples which I generally go out of my way to get but I had never bought anything from them).

Here’s a photo of my Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie:








A lil small you say? I agree! Also, I love oatmeal in my choc chip cookies but I generally just sprinkle it in the mix so I know its there but it doesn’t overwhelm.  This cookie may have crossed that line.  The chocolate though was obviously good quality semi-sweet hence what happened next…

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GQ invited Das Racist to a cheese tasting at Murray’s after hearing them rhyme about cheese on their new album.

photo courtesy of Das Racist

Check out the slideshow, its pretty entertaining!

I took a premature Summer Friday to enjoy the nice weather with Jj & Toro.  We wanted to enjoy lunch in the garden, so went to Radish to pick up some food.

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Sneak peek into Momofuku’s secret lab… My guess is its the closet of the Milk Bar wholesale spot. Irrelevant. Watch, enjoy, have a laugh:

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Late Night Eats: Momofuku Test Kitchen – Video –

P.S. I really wanted to embed the video instead of sending you away.  My brain power is zilch today though, so off you go!