After my insane President’s Day weekend eating schedule I got to thinking… Food is such a luxury!

Let me be clear: food is not actually a luxury, it’s a right – the way we consume it, however, is a major luxury! Not that I’m complaining… But I do remember being in Botswana, living in a rural home, and eating the same thing most days.  The family that hosted me was relatively well off & I often had eggs for breakfast and meat with dinner.  Mind you, I was the only one having the eggs – as their guest they wanted to feed me their very best.  Then I’d meet up with my fellow American homestay-ers & find out they’d had the same grain concoction for lunch & dinner, every day for 2 weeks.  It astounds me how over fed many of us are – maybe its my fault for being a glutton, but hello: obesity?!

On that note… I’d like to tell you all (Hi Stef, Alex, & Lal haha) about my terrificly gluttonous weekend!!


Started the weekend off right with a free Momofuku compost cookie from their baking facilities in bk.  I must’ve given the guy a pitiful face when he told me they were closed & only sold by the dozen… so he said take this one but ssshhh don’t tell anyone  – oops…


Thought we were starting the day off right with sage egg sandwich at Five Leaves.  It’s the best bfast sandwich EVER.  Creamy eggs with loads of melted aged cheddar on a soft bun (Sullivan St panini – but if I just said panini you’d think it was crunchy – it is not).

And a side order of the baked beans, which I love! Except I didn’t expect the side to be so ginormous, and the sandwich is quite filling itself.  That would held me over til the night (we had bfast @ 10am).  But Austin was hungry around 3:30 & we said we’d go eat with them… I managed to fend them off for another 30 mins until we headed out to Diner on a mission to finally try the burger, obviously unaware that they don’t serve food between 4-6. And Fatty ‘Cue only serves their burger at brunch… Bummer.

We decided to try BarBerry.  It’s randomly fancy –  not white table cloth fancy, classic french food fancy.  Austin & I ordered sea bass en papillote and Jj got bouillabaisse.  It took FOREVER… there was nobody else in the restaurant when we ordered our food & but they still managed to take about 40 mins to serve us our meal – ridiculous! However, we did learn that they are supposedly famous for their chocolate souffle. So we tried it… it was a perfect chocolate souffle with properly melty center & a minty cream sauce.

Shortly after, Karen invited me to see Black Swan followed by the dessert tasting at Compose.  I don’t know what to say about Black Swan- luckily, since this is about food & not movies we’re just going to move on…

Compose!! Amazing is an understatement.  I’m gonna have to read a thesaurus because amazing, delicious, and flavorful are going to get old real fast.  Micah’s dessert are super original & tasty.  The amuse was like an ice cream sandwich which coriander lemongrass cookie things & white beer sorbet (I may be somewhat off considering I’m writing this a week later but that’s sort of what I recall…).

1st course: Roots, which means carrot cake topped with beet sorbet (surrounded by crunchies but I don’t remember what they were), parsnip chips & smoked licorice cream – not being a big fan of licorice I could’ve done without that bit, mind you I cleaned my plate anyway! Also not generally a fan of carrot cake, but let me remind you I cleaned my plate…

paired with: Dolin “blanc” vermouth – sssooo smooth/crisp & yummy.  This is the epitome of what pairings should be about.  It so enhanced the taste of the entire dish, I made sure my dining partners tried theirs (they were WAY behind on drinks!!)

2nd course: Milk, meaning burnt milk ice cream, milk jam (aka dulce de leche), dehydrated milk chips, and some sort of crumb… My favorite dish!!! The flavors were similar but all contrasted with each other perfectly. Who knew I liked milk chips?! So delicious!

3rd course: Chocolate, consisting of caramelized white chocolate covered in yeast chocolate, with some crumbly crispy bits.  By this point I was ridiculously full.  I didn’t love the texture of the yeast part but the flavors were delicious.  Sadly, some of it had to stay on the plate – I might’ve spontaneously combusted otherwise.

Lastly, “petit fours” – sweet corn cake with chocolate drizzle.  So by 1 am I had finally finished eating for the day…


Somehow, I had an appetite less than 12 hrs later (& brunch plans).  After our failed burger quest from the day before we decided to retry Fatty ‘Cue.  Lucky Day! There was no wait & for god knows what reason we were treated like royalty! I had to order Smoked Pig bc that’s what they do on sundays, comes with eggs scrambled in their crab broth & bao (I adore bao!).  I ordered the ‘Cue BLT which has their housemade coriander bacon & a spicy aioli, Jj & Nicole K got the ‘Cue burger which I thought was super delicious with really tender meat (house made blend), pickles, smoked cheddar, bacon, & chili jam (but nothing tops a Bistro burger in his book).

Our treatment: Robbie the pit master apparently took a liking to us & offered us a tour of the smoking area.  A party had ordered a suckling pig which he let us pick off of… you can see the lil bit on his front hoof that we attacked.  It was super flavorful! He took us around to where they put the spits in the summer & I spotted a Caja China. Told him Felipe would love it but we’d have to get this amazing treatment if I were to bring him, he said “yea yea bring him in!”

We went back inside & I impulsively asked if they had picklebacks (stupid question, obvi).  Jj followed up with “we’ll have 3”. Nicole K was completely baffled… so the waiter came back with 5 & he & Robbie took shots with us! Best picklebacks!!! (sorry Dan).

We also tried all their brunch drinks – mimosa, Bloody Mary, & a Michelada… all very good though the Bloody Mary was insanely strong.

They also gave us a slice of their ‘smores pie to try – it was insanely delicious! Better than the ‘smores at Blue Bottle… So now I have to work on being a Fatty ‘Cue regular (sorry wallet).

Only 4 hours later we had Dan Delaney’s goodbye BBQ… I couldn’t imagine eating again, but eat I did! He made ribs, collard greens, sausage & the most delicious vinegary potatoes! Then Micah & Karen started plating their dessert.  I was stuffed stuffed stuffed, but after experiencing Micah’s desserts at Compose the day before I could NOT turn this down! His apple cobbler was loaded with spices and topped with a beer pretzel ice cream.  So delicious (and nutritious)!! I had an extra scoop of ice cream too, because I needed to taste it on its own (excuses, excuses…).


Self control finally kicked in.  I considered making Jj’s fav bfast, eggs benedict, but we ended up having cereal.  Eden woke up around 3 & asked if we wanted to eat with him at Diner… & off to Diner we went.  Eden got the bratwurst, I got mussels (self control, see! if you neglect the bacon cream broth & fries…), and Jj got the burger which is now tied for 2nd with the Five Leaves burger.

And just to round out the weekend I had the other half of my compost cookie after we got home.

Nom Nom Nom!