Refinery 29 & Vogue have kindly been reminding me that wide-leg ’70s pants are back.  While I’m secretly proud to have a pair of perfectly on-trend pants in my closet from over 2 yrs ago, I’m slightly afraid to slip back into them (pun intended… you’ll see).  First, I hope everyone’s waiting a few months to wear those out because with these sloppy sidewalks & puddles of undefined depths you’re going to end up with heavy, accidentally ombré pants.  Second, and this is the clincher for me – they’re dangerous!!

I actually felt a little silly wearing them at first, being so ahead of the trend (& in D.C.), there were few other women strutting around in super wide leg pants, but I stuck to my gut & did it anyway.  Then one day I was running a bit late to work… wearing my cute wide-leg sevens & gorgeous brown booties.  Someone kindly held the door open for me & as I did that lil hop/jog to rush to the door… BOOM! the point of my bootie got stuck in the wideness of the pant leg & tripped & skidded to the floor in front of the Embassy of Mexico.  Niice

Now those pants hang in the back of my closet. For awhile, they were in the back of my closet in CT – as far away as I could get them! But now they are back in New York… & the season’s trends are forcing me to reconsider wearing them… Yea, beauty is pain; but fear?!