Restaurant Week restaurant #2

Pumpkin & I went to Bar Basque last night & she described it perfectly – it’s like being in The Jetsons!! They had this wine wall where about 5 bottles where in glass cases with a tube in them & you inserted a card & clicked the button to have wine spouted into your glass.  Basically, a wine vending machine… I don’t think I’m a fan.

Food was yummy though.  We were starving so even though we planned on getting the 3 course restaurant week menu we ordered suckling pig croquettes while we waited (oink, oink).  My chestnut soup was AMAZING, very smooth & creamy & totally tasted like chestnuts, it also came with lil chunks of bacon & veggies.  The snapper was ok but a huge portion & the potato with it was sort of bland.  It was also wading in some sort of herbal broth that didn’t add much to it.  Dessert was an almondy cake with honey ice cream.  Yummy stuff but mostly, it was nice to spend some QT with Stef!!

Tonight Jj’s surprising me & I haven’t even the tiniest idea where it could be… So excited!!

(Half of my posts so far are about food – I swear that’s not all this blog is gonna be!! But this is a very food-centric week, incl 2 upcoming outings… Next week will be more diverse, promise.)