I made Meatloaf last night… I know, oohhh exciting. But seriously, it was goood!


Heavy cream

Herbs (parsley, oregano, thyme)

Chipotle BBQ sauce – the recipe called for ketchup, but we don’t have any at home

Sauteed shallots & garlic

Bread crumbs – we don’t have normal ones so used Panko instead (YUM)

Ground Bison meat

The recipe called for a glaze with brown sugar, balsamic, & something else, but I decided against it.

I also roasted some potatoes & made parsnip puree – I wanted to caramelize those lame lil carrots on the side w/ some balsamic but my afternoon was very disorganized so I ditched it.  Still yummy and Felipe liked it & asked me how I made it so thats a great stamp of approval!