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Love love love this song.  I wanted to post it when I first started the blog but every other blog in existence had it posted & I didn’t want to start off so unoriginally.  But I’m still obsessed, and have just realized how insanely romantic I find this song.  So here it is:

Cold War Kids – Mine is Yours (Passion Pit Remix)


Jeff Bridges’ photos of the making of True Grit

Cookie dough

Oatmeal, choc chip, walnut cookies

And buttermilk biscuits

After my insane President’s Day weekend eating schedule I got to thinking… Food is such a luxury!

Let me be clear: food is not actually a luxury, it’s a right – the way we consume it, however, is a major luxury! Not that I’m complaining… But I do remember being in Botswana, living in a rural home, and eating the same thing most days.  The family that hosted me was relatively well off & I often had eggs for breakfast and meat with dinner.  Mind you, I was the only one having the eggs – as their guest they wanted to feed me their very best.  Then I’d meet up with my fellow American homestay-ers & find out they’d had the same grain concoction for lunch & dinner, every day for 2 weeks.  It astounds me how over fed many of us are – maybe its my fault for being a glutton, but hello: obesity?!

On that note… I’d like to tell you all (Hi Stef, Alex, & Lal haha) about my terrificly gluttonous weekend!! Read the rest of this entry »

2007 – Keep the Car Running

Possibly Alexander Wang’s niece – how CUTE (& lucky) is she?!


– stay in & cook more
– exercise more frequently
– save (& control my finances)
– keep my chin up & keep applying
– step out of my comfort zone
– try to be the best me
– enjoy what I do
– not spoil Toro

& maybe blog more frequently…

Seriously Kanye?! Those are 13 yr old suburban emo kid pants!!! Or Mick Jagger… but he’s actually skinny/lanky/ambiguously straight enough to pull them off…

And no, I don’t care that they’re Balmain

Crystal Fighters took their name from an unfinished opera one of the lead singer’s found in her grandparents’ attic in the Basque country.  Quoted from The Guardian:

Apparently, singer Laure was going through her late grandfather’s possessions somewhere deep in Basque country when she came across an unfinished opera he’d been writing called Crystal Fighters. “The faded manuscript and the prophetic prose contained within quickly became an obsession,” she said. Now her band are trying to bring some of the quality of his wild, dishevelled poetry to bear on London’s trendy indie-dance scene.

Pretty song, different sound, interesting name.  I like

I’m. SO. confused.

a) LOVE The Black Keys

b) Shaun White cameo?! Hell yea!

c) there’s barely any song!

But… my confusion is leaning toward love.