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After about 30 mins… I finally figured out how to post a song… BUT

I’m gonna tell you about Restaurant Week at Aureole instead, bc that’s what I actually did today.

Frisee salad w goat cheese, poached quail eggs, & duck prosciutto – YUM! Just the right amount of saltiness thanks to the prosciutto but I wouldn’t have known there was goat cheese there if I hadn’t read it on the menu… Mami got fluke with avocado, & yuzu sauce – delicious!

Branzino with fennel puree & cockles – 2 filets! It was huge… & not too strong on the fennel (which I would’ve liked since I enjoy fennel).  I didn’t taste the swiss chard… Hmm… Jj got Pork cheeks!!! So so flavorful! Much smaller plate than the Branzino, but worth it.

Moral of the story: Order the Fluke then Pork Cheeks.

Next stop – Bar Basque with my Pumpkin

For you non food lovers – don’t give up on me… Next time will be more interesting


The name is the hardest part (I think/hope)… Real post coming tonight!